〉Sideremesis ep (2015)

Erdh Sideremesis ep

Out on 2015 October 19th. Released by Apathia Records
Mixed & Masterd by Axel Wursthorn  @ Walnut Groove Studios

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〉Resilient (2013)

Distribution : France/Europe – Season of Mist | US/Canada – Apathia Records / MVD Entertainment
Mixed & Masterd by Jens Bogren @ Fascination Street Studios

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Erdh came to life after Nicolas Pingnelain (composer, programmer, bass and guitars) met Wormfood leader Emmanuel ‘El Worm’ Levy (vocals, lyrics).

Erdh released the critically acclaimed Resilient in 2013.
The expressive, straightforward metallic core grids are suffused with experimental electro abstraction, mixing violent and ambient soundscapes to set the roots of disturbing aesthetics with strong melodies.

2015 ep Sideremesis sees Erdh exploring new grounds of electronic-yet-mesmerizing tracks.


Nicolas Pingnelain
Music Composer & All Instruments


Drums Programming

Co-Editor of Obskure Mag printed & online magazine.
Has played in several local bands

Emmanuel Levy
All Lyrics & Vocals


All Vocals

Also in :
– Wormfood (band Leader)
– The Lovotics (singer)
– Carnival In Coal (Live Guitarist)
– multiple Guest appearances on Melted Space, Akroma and more

  • ”Disturbing and powerful sonic landscapes. Not only to be listened, Resilient is an album to live and feel intensely”


    Obskure Mag - Issue #13, Jan/Feb 2013 - French Printed Magazine
  • “Highly convincing debut album and quickly addictive. Classy.”


    New Noise - Issue #14, Jan/Feb 2013 - French Printed Magazine
  • “Erdh […] shows its own personality. ‘Resilient’ develops an aesthetic of torment, layering an heroic and overdrived fire over a digital and introspective coldness. An atypical release with an inner captivating force.”


    Rock Hard - Issue #129, Feb 2013 - French Printed Magazine
  • “Never Heard […] Complex and disturbing is this first album. But intelligent, surprising and brilliant it is too. […] The nightmare atmosphere that reigns on ‘Resilient’ is not to be taken lightly: it tortures the spirit, messes the known facts, sometimes losing ground but god it’s good!”


    Hard Rock France - French Printed Magazine
  • “The atmospheric & captivating music of ERDH is above all else music for devotional listening and letting yourself drift.
    […] An interesting endeavour for people who greatly value atmosphere.
    […] extremely professionally digipak” –


    Legacy - Issue #83 - German Printed Magazine
  • “The debut album is a master stroke. Nonchalantly, it’s almost perfection.”

    Metaluna - Issue #2 - French Printed Magazine
  • “This debut is proving treasures of experimentations that turn fascinating, intriguing and paralyzing.
    […] ‘Resilient’ exudes a dark majesty, an aura with strong magnetism.”

    Twice Magazine - Issue #50, March 2013- French Printed Fanzine
  • “There are ups and downs, and a real sense of having been on an emotional rollercoaster.
    As pretentious as that sounds, when listened through start to end, that is what ERDH has created.
    A cinematic masterpiece worthy of backing up any number of Hollywood releases, ‘Resilient’ really needs to be listened to all the way through to be truly appreciated.”

    9 stars ouf of 10

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • ERDH develops its own musical codes in a very avant-gardist and personal music […]
    With top-notch production, ERDH signs with ‘Resilient’ a quite remarkable first effort.
    ERDH’s “Cinematic Metal” is quite unique and requires some effort to adapt and many listenings to grasp its essence.

    15.5 / 20

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “This album developing multiple ambiences […] will delight fans of unhealthy urban and industrial soundscapes.
    A soundtrack for an inner Apocalypse, a pure modern spleen.”

    7.5 out of 10

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “The atmosphere is disturbing, captivating.
    […] Erdh signs a mysterious and surprising debut”


    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “Erdh […] able to compete with the best dark bands in Europe. […]
    Do not spoil our pleasure to hear a band like Erdh that stands out in a metal scene became moribund and drivelling.”

    4 out of 5

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “An album made of very nice tracks, written and arranged with grace and an attitude, mixing modern ideas and well known references, to achieve evolved sonic dimensions.”

    8 out of 10

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “Almost naturally, “Resilient” touches the heavens “

    Read it online

    Les Immortels - Online Magazine
  • “The oil is cold, it spreads methodically and its borders are unpredictable.
    Forget about uni-vocality: in a dark introspective space, the sound is robot-like and mouths a threat, the origin and outcome of which remain mysterious.”

    4 out of 5

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “The french branch of the gothic alchemy comes with a new formula for calculating the density of darkness.[…]
    ERDH use the most powerful weapon of goth to create a mood that is tumbling basic motives into an aberration, then managed to mix a variety of ingredients in the new alchemical formula.”

    9 out of 10

    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • ‘Resilient’ moves you, it is beautiful, cold, creepy, disturbing and carries a melancholy à la Paradise Lost […] Erdh enters the main league, “Resilient” is stunning. […] For fans of cold ambiences and adventurous music lovers.


    Read it online - Online Magazine
  • “Erdh’s first album is a great success, where we discover a duo of musicians in top form. […] It is a great pleasure to dive and plunge into the dark, disturbing, and almost unhealthy. atmospheres […] Resilient makes a reference in a long hoped for discography “

    9 out of 10

    Read it online - Online Magazine

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